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JoS takes the FRUSTRATION out of Business


Whether you work on your own or in a large team,

Our Sales Automation Software will make you more efficient

Joy of Sales automates the mundane, but essential tasks (invoicing, collections, reconciliation, expenses),  so you can focus on your customers and grow sales.

Quick and easy to set up

To setup JoS, simply click on the Quick Setup menu. Fill in the form with you logo, address, email … and you’re ready to go. Invoice headers etc are setup automatically. It’s as simple as that. Try it out …. 30 day free trial.

In-depth sales automation

While simple to learn and use, JoS sales automation has some extreme power under the bonnet. Instead of fumbling around with awkward or useless tasks, you can set it to handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on selling more.

The simple invoice menu gives you a simple form to fill in to create your invoices. Then one click emails the invoice to your customer.

JoS reads you receipts and learns how you like them filed.

Need an expense approval process- its built in. Users submit their expenses, managers approve them. Simple.

VAT submission: Joy of Sales is HMRC approved for MTD.

And if you need to generate a report – the financial report feature let’s you build custom reports. And, of course, all screens can be exported to other applications e.g. Microsoft Excel.

Importing data from other application – Simple, use JoS’s import function.

Joy of Sales looks after your data, leaving you to look after your customers.

No-nonsense licences

Our pet frustration is subscription contracts that start cheap and sneak up! Joy of Sales is a fixed cost per user, all features included at a fair price. Click here for JoS’s pricing.

Focus on selling, not managing an awkward CRM system!

No more pointless, awkward, unintuitive designs. JoS sales automation is set up to be as intuitive as possible, meaning you spend less time chasing it and more time closing sales.

The Benefits of JoS Sales Automation

  • Collect payments faster
    • Invoices created in a minute
    • Invoices emailed to customer in one click
  • Expenses done in a Jiffy
    • Receipts automatically read and filed
  • HMRC VAT approved
  • Work effectively
    • Deals listed with most likely to close first
    • Generate new business with mass emailing from JoS
    • To do list features on the dashboard

Looking for incredibly simple sales automation software, built by fellow
salespeople, that comes with a FREE 30-day trial?

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