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Make sales fun again

JoS is developed with the idea of making sales as simple as possible. Why should it be any different? No more wasted time on unnecessary admin, no more stodgy software interfaces. Just a simple online CRM system designed to make your life easier.

Spend more time speaking to the customers that convert

JoS looks for the opportunities that are most likely to convert into sales, helping you focus your time effectively. No more wasting time and money on finding and speaking to disinterested customers; just a beautifully high return on investment.

Payment plans in line with your business

Just set up your business and need to make more sales? Managing a larger enterprise and want to maximise your incoming money? Our payment plans are based on the number of users you have, whether you’re a one-man band or a team of sales experts. The cost is always under control.

Built to sniff out more customers

JoS builds a reliable database of prospective customers and gives you the tools to grab their attention. It’ll keep track of your most leads, grow your sales pipeline and help you spot new sales opportunities. You do your job and JoS track everything for you, reminding you when to undertake key activities.

Easy-to-read metrics and automated reports

Nobody likes trudging through list upon list of metrics or dreary reports. JoS simplifies the sales reports so you don’t have to. You’ll get a clear list of metrics and be able to see where to spend more of your time to get the most return.

Up to date forecasts make selling a breeze

JoS updates immediately with accurate information about your sales forecast over your desired period of time. You’ll be able to see where to focus your resources, where you’re falling short, and how to make small changes that lead to big result.