Find Out The (Proven) Secrets of Selling by Joy of Sales CRM Software

Struggling to sell? Not sure how to approach customers? Read on to discover how to sell more products

Selling can be quite difficult. Maybe you’re selling a new product or service. Perhaps you’re struggling to identify the perfect audience. Selling is scary at times, but it doesn’t really need to be.

So what’s the secret of how to sell more?

Give the customer what they’re looking for.

That’s it. No grand fanfare. No hidden magic. You just need to put the right product, in front of the right customer, at the right time.

If you can give the customer what they’re looking for, you’re most of the way there. If you can give them what they want, at the price they want, you know you only have to push a little more to close a deal.

Think like the buyer

When doing this, you need to think like your buyer. You need to consider what they want, what they need and, in particular, what they desire. This will teach you how to sell more of your product to your market. Sometimes, their desire can be a political thing within their company. It can be something that they really need to make the company move forward quite significantly, It can even be something completely different. The bigger the desire the customer has, the better price you’ll be able to charge and the more chance that you’ll close the sale.

Offer expertise in return for loyalty

Expert status gives you more clout and you’ll be listened to more. Once that happens, you’ll have more chance of controlling the sale.

Working with and helping your customer without putting a cost on them also helps significantly. If you are perceived as knowledgeable and willing to help, without charging for your time, the more likely it is that the customer sees you as the expert. The more they see you as an expert, the more they’ll trust you, work with you and be led by you. Once you’re in that position, closing the deal is effortless!

The customer is always right… except when they’re wrong

The old adage “the customer is always right” is true most of the time, but anybody in business knows that, sometimes, the customer couldn’t be more wrong. But how do you save the sale if this is the case?

They may have got the wrong end of the stick. They may have just completely misunderstood your company. Perhaps they just don’t understand what they’re doing. Whatever the case, it’s up to you to reframe their issue. Selling the customer something that is wrong for them can often backfire horribly, but the important thing is to not lecture the customer or tell them they are wrong. We’re all human and we don’t like to be told that we’re wrong!

Instead, help them understand the benefits of other products or services you sell and show them how they can benefit from them.

Act as a facilitator, you then have more chance of being listened to.

Don’t let your customers forget about you

The main secret of selling is to give the customer what they looking for. Be considered an expert in the field and there is much more chance that the customer will pay attention to you, giving you a bigger chance of closing a deal (and a bigger profit margin).

However, there is another part to the secret of selling…

You need to remember to go back to customers and remind them that you exist.

If you’re looking for how to sell more, this is fundamental. Quite often when working with the customer, if nothing happens, we quickly forget about them, as we don’t have time to spend convincing them or they don’t have the budget at the time. Unless they get in touch later on, it’s likely they fall off the radar.

This is such a commonly missed area that holds an enormous opportunity for profits for those who remember to keep in touch.

We often find that companies hiring a new salesperson uncover a vast number of opportunities when they go through their lists of customers. This speaks volumes about the profits hidden behind this idea that a lost sale won’t convert later on, though we understand it’s difficult to keep up with these missed sales.

It’s easier with Joy of Sales

With Joy of Sales software, you have the advantage of keeping track of all sales opportunities. Set alarms so that you remember to go back to customers and have access to a straightforward process of contacting potential customers and closing easy leads.

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