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As Coronavirus hits the UK, working from home is the new normal and can be very challenging. We have been working from home since 2005. For some it is difficult to break away from work, for others it is difficult to start.

What we do when we work from home:

  1. Find a place to work that is clear of distractions
  2. Set yourself a fixed time to work and let everyone in the house know so that they do not disturb you unnecessarily.
  3. Make a “To do” list of what you will do
  4. Do your work
  5. When you finish make a list of what you will do in your next session
  6. Talk with your co-workers when you can, even have a bit of a gossip to get “the water cooler feeling” – this breaks the loneliness that a lot of us feel when working from home.

Children and pets when working from home

Lady working on her bed with her dog
Working at home with my dog

For those of you with children or pets, work out the best part of the day to work and spend time with the children outside that time. Do physical activities with your children – they will burn off some energy and be ready to do quiet things whilst you work. Oh yes! – do not feed them sugars, they will become hyperactive!

Essentially working from home requires good time management and Joy of Sales can help you with that. Click here to start your free trial.

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