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Why Use JoS Sales Management Tools?


Wondering what Makes Us Special in the CRM Industry?

CRM and sales management tools are a requirement for any business that wants to sell, grow and become profitable. There’s no doubt about it. Sales people need an extra tool to help them manage the flood of customers they deal with on a constant basis, helping them to focus on the important part: selling.

Despite this, it’s all too common to see CRM systems being neglected, worked around, or even completely ignored. Why?

Because most of them are developed to help manage customers, instead of the most important part: completing a sale. Many CRM systems bog salespeople down with awkward processes, create dreary, half-ignored sales reports, waste time with buggy or unresponsive user interfaces, or are just downright boring to use. All of this greatly affects the time and motivation of the person selling.

That’s why we’ve developed JoS to be different.

As salespeople ourselves, we’ve spent time creating a CRM system that we use ourselves. One that focuses as much on promoting sales as it does managing customers. We’ve developed a system that handles the work that slows your salespeople down, giving them more time to focus on what they’re best at.

Perfectly Designed for One Man Bands
and Small Enterprises

JoS has been developed for small enterprises looking for a friendlier alternative to many of the “corporate” sized CRM systems. While it can be scaled up to work for larger businesses, we also wanted something that could work for every type of enterprise.

How much does JoS cost?

It’s no secret that CRM systems can be hugely expensive if they’re aimed at large corporate companies. Unfortunately, this is something which small enterprises or one man bands can’t afford.

To get around this, our payment plans work slightly differently than most. Instead of giving you stages of functionality based on how much you can afford each month, we give you full access to the entire suite of tools from the very start. It’s simple: you just pay for the number of users you need.

If it’s just you needing a better way of managing your sales, just pay for a single license. If you’re leading a team of salespeople, you pay per person. Simple, easy, affordable.

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